The Relationship Between Snoring and Being Overweight

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October 28, 2015
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The Relationship Between Snoring and Being Overweight

It’s already general knowledge that being overweight can lead to medical issues such as kidney diseases, stroke, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or greater can be considered as being “overweight.” These lead on to the idea that someone has a lack of physical activity and poor eating habits.

According to a study conducted by Center for Disease and Control and Prevention, more than 69% of adults over 20 are considered as being overweight or obese. Since we’ve mentioned that being overweight can cause a lot of medical problems, snoring is also included. There is a clear relationship between snoring and being overweight. However, it is to be considered that not all snorers are overweight and not all obese people snore.

Being Overweight Causes Snoring

When we gain some extra weight, it’s very noticeable when we look at the mirror. We can see the areas where our extra fat is stored. Gender and genetics both play an integral role when our body decides where those extra fat goes. Common areas include butt, thighs, necks, stomachs and hips, but some other potiental areas are the calves, sides, arms, and chest.

It’s fairly easy to spot what part of our body is gaining fat. However, other spots in our body where we can’t see the fat are the ones stored internally.

One of these areas is our neck.

Underneath the skin on our necks, there is fat stored. Accumulated beneath the neck this fat causes our airway to be restricted or even worse, collapse. The sound caused by snoring is made by the tissues rubbing against each other.

Snoring Is Not Just Caused by Being Overweight

Snoring can also be caused by different factors aside from being overweight. Common factors that causes snoring also includes:

Physical Obstructionphysical obstructions such as a deviated septum or nasal polyps. Also restrict the passageway from our lungs. Inflammation of the sinus can also cause snoring together with an elongated uvula and an enlarged tonsil.

Relaxed Throat Muscles- When we sleep, the muscles in our throat become relaxed. Depending on its looseness, our throat may cause snoring. Being overly relaxed by a drug such as alcohol can increase the throat muscles to become even more loose, increasing the sound and frequencies of your snores.

Anatomy- The physical anatomy of different people can also cause snoring. Having an overbite combined with overly relaxed throat muscles can also restrict the passageway in our mouth. This restriction causes friction, which then causes us to snore.

Why Women Snore Less Than Men

There is a general idea that men often snore more than women.

Studies show that men are more likely to have the habits that contribute to this. Vices such as alcohol and smoking can effect our throat and air passageways. Men in particular, store fat in their neck when gaining weight, more so than women. Because of this their airways are much more prone to developing obstructions.

Losing Weight Can Stop Snoring

Being overweight with a snoring problem can be troublesome. For some, their first line of reasoning when they possess the two is to simply lose weight. It seems logical, yes. But the question is

“will they actually stop snoring after they’ve lost weight?”

The answer will depend upon the cause of snoring. Be it a physical obstruction or a bad habit, it does not necessarily mean it is caused from being overweight.

In order to answer the question, think back to the days when you didn’t have that much weight. Did you have a snoring problem back then? If no, then the weight gain may be the only thing that has changed about you since then, and therefore is most likely the cause.

Either way, having too much extra weight can have an effect on your health. Besides snoring, being overweight can cause possible health risks.

So in addition to reducing snoring, losing weight gives you a lot of health benefits, there are also other reasons why you could be snoring, besides being overweight. Keep that in mind as you attempt to figure this condition out.

What To Use To Stop Snoring

There are countless products out there that promise to help you stop snoring

  • Chinstraps
  • Pillows
  • Rings
  • Throat Sprays
  • Mouthpieces
  • Prescription Medication
  • All Natural Remedies
  • Nose-StripsThey all claim to help you stop snoring. The real question is: do they actually work?

Besides these short quick fixes, the long-term solution for snoring is to lose weight. But, during the meantime, you can also resort to these products to help you stop snoring.

Before attempting to stop your snoring problem, it’s still best to try to find out the real cause of your snoring and to what it could eventually lead to. Chronic disorders such as sleep apnea can be a serious problems that will result from severe snoring habits, if untreated.

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