Health Risks of Snoring

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October 28, 2015
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Health Risks of Snoring

A lot of people don’t know of the health risks linked to snoring. There are a lot of them, and they can involve serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and insomnia. Every disease with its association to snoring will be discussed in detail.

Coronary Diseases:

The fact that snoring can lead to coronary diseases is astonishingly complex. A lot of it involves the cellular activities when someone is snoring. The issue exists within the blood vessels, particularly of the throat and head.

When snoring you make audible sounds that vibrate the blood while it’s flowing from the head and neck. When your blood experiences these vibrations, it is cause the overall flow to be disrupted.

Such vibrations cause substances like minerals and fats, to disperse and fall. It indicates that they quit moving with the blood and settle where they drop out. In such cases, the fats and minerals accumulate in blood vessels and arteries of the head and neck. Causing blockage which can ultimately be fatal.

Blood that possesses such abnormal consistency can also elevates the risk of coronary diseases. More extreme conditions like sleep apnea can harm the blood vessels to a much further degree.


The elevated risk of obesity linked with snoring is associated to sleep deprivation. Whenever anybody is exhausted earlier in their day, they have a lot of things and the two most normal things that people choose to keep them going are stimulants and food.

Even though the right foods in appropriate portions can give great health benefits, eating to make up for the less sleep many times prompts obesity. There is definitely no way to constantly substitute the energy gained through sleep. Usually weight gain is because such eating is ongoing and gets more noticeable with passing time.


Research has shown that there is an immediate association between snoring, and insulin resistance. Diabetes is when the body has a high level of insulin resistance causing it to function improper and without an insulin shot to induce its effects, it can cause serious harm.

When someone’s body is insulin resistant, the body continues to release large levels of insulin after food consumption. Ultimately, the body comes to a point when it is no longer able to control the blood sugar level after the meal is consumed.

What’s unclear, regardless of the heightened insulin resistance witnessed amongst snorers, is an immediate effect of eating more, trying to make up for lowered energy levels.

Lack of Sleep:

Lack of sleep can be a severe health risk regardless of what’s causing it. Reports show that each year almost 100,000 traffic accidents occurred due to the drivers having a lack of sleep.

Incidents at home and on the job are problematic as well, and can seriously harm you and others around you. This condition is significantly more threatening for the people that work with or around machines in safety sensitive industries such as manufacturing and refining.

Lack of sleep also increases chances of chronic over-eating, lowered mental capacity, depression, mood shifts and irritability.

Snoring is associated with the symptoms listed above as well as many others, that a lot of people suffer from daily.

As this is written, Coronary diseases have been declared the number one killer of Americans, with a lot of that statement being contributed to Americans large rate of obesity, which can directly correlate with snoring habits. Lack of sleep is also one of the biggest contributors to yearly deaths, causing severe accidents on and off the road.

These risks are enough to frighten anyone who suffers from these conditions. It is important that all snorers work hard to discover a solution and reduce the symptoms they are experiencing.

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