SnoreBore was formed in 2014 to help snorers and their bed partners to end the nights of disturbed and lost sleep, to end the bad feelings that often develop and to help them return again to peaceful nights together.

The aims of the association are to promote public awareness that snoring and sleep apnea are generally treatable complaints and that help is available. We offer information on causes and treatments and this can be obtained from our web site or by telephone to one of our help line advisers. We also have a close working relationship with the medical profession and provide them and their patients with our expert help and information.

This means you can be assured that the information you receive from us has been produced through highly credible and accurate processes. The Information Standard assessed the processes we use to develop information against the rigorous information standard.

We sell a range of anti snoring products that have all undergone robust clinical trials and have been proven effective for the purpose for which they were designed. We provide private hospitals with our products and GPs and consultants frequently refer their patients to us.